Relaxing Massage

Whole body anti-stress massage or deep tissue massage (back, arms, legs, feet, chest and head). It is the most requested therapy when there are no special requeriments.

$30 USD for the first hour

$20 USD for the next hours (if you want a longer therapy)

Localized Muscle Pain

Long gentle massage in the affected area (area where you have the pain or the spasm). The best treatment when you have a severe localized muscular pain.

$30 USD for the first hour

$20 USD for the next hours (if you want a longer therapy)

Special Therapies

Spine adjustment, chronic pain, muscles contraction, rehabilitation therapies, lymphatic drainage, etc.

$40 USD for one session.


  • Make sure in your room or in the place you want to take the massage there is enough space to put our massage table. Table dimensions 72'' (1.82 m) Long (without face cradle) 27''(0.69 m) Wide. 84''(2.15 m) Long with face cradle, 32'' (0.82 m) with side arms.
  • Fill out our satisfaction survey after the therapy, that you can find here.

Following steps...

$30 USD for the first hour session and $20 USD for the following hours if you want a longer therapy. We only work with male professional massage therapists. Book your therapeutic massageĀ in less than a minute and enjoy all the benefits it brings to your health. Last minute bookings might be possible.

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